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Our Services


D&A Communications staff members are experts at providing a variety of services in order to deliver an effective, strong message to your audience. Whether you are in need of a single press release, a full communications campaign or a strategic marketing plan, we offer our clients an array of services to meet the ever changing landscape of marketing and communications.

Community Relations & Public Engagement

A successful community relations program is a dialogue rather than a one-way conversation. It draws stakeholders and interested parties into a conversation that results in a shared vision. We identify individual needs and tailor campaigns to address those needs. Our creative techniques foster collaboration and identify shared values, visions and goals.

Construction Outreach

We have more than a decade of experience in construction outreach, from small infill developments affecting a handful of landowners to regional infrastructure projects affecting thousands.

Due to the complexity of construction projects, the construction team can often overlook the importance of public outreach and communications. Providing timely communication and community relations can ease public concerns and lead to a successful project.

Corporate Communications

Successful companies have made communications a critical part of their business structure. We provide our corporate clients with effective tools and strategies to inform, engage and monitor public perception. Corporate communications tasks include community outreach, public relations, event planning and crisis communications.

Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

As seasoned crisis communicators, we stand by our clients to offer guidance during a time of crisis. Crisis is inevitable and unpredictable, and demands a focused, on-message and timely response. It is the action you take in those first few hours that sets the tone for what will follow and ultimately defines your company. We assist our clients in maintaining the flow of information from the organization to the media, interested parties and affected communities in a proactive manner.

Environmental Public Outreach (CEQA/NEPA Compliance)

We develop sensitive and tailored environmental public outreach campaigns to ensure the public is well informed about projects going on around them.

In addition, the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act require developers and public agencies to fully investigate the environmental impacts of their proposed projects. Public outreach and participation is a critical element of this review process. We understand that public participation must be practiced honestly, consistently and timely in order to serve both the public and the project.

Media Relations

We are at the forefront of new technologies and use them in each campaign we produce. Our staff understands the importance of utilizing new media tools, while not overlooking traditional media resources. While much of the public still watches the nightly news, it is critical that media relations also include blogs, online publications, Twitter, Facebook and other new media to reach all audiences.

We develop extensive media lists, craft intriguing news releases, pitch stories to media outlets and build strong relationships with media representatives. Our team has worked with print, radio, television, and specialty news outlets throughout the western United States to obtain fair, accurate and comprehensive coverage of our client's projects, as well as supportive editorial endorsements.

Urban Development/Land-Use Planning

Communication is essential to engage the public in the development process and ensure they understand the benefits of new projects in their area. We create informative campaigns to communicate the facts and benefits of a program to the community it will affect.

We also assist clients in navigating any necessary public hearings and planning commission meetings prior to project approval. We help our clients shape messaging and communicate benefits to project approvers as well as the public.

Government Affairs

We frequently serve as the bridge between public agencies and the public they serve. We guide public agencies during the implementation of programs to benefit the public, as well as facilitate the public's understanding of the benefits and/or effects of such programs. Our firm also provides clients with assistance in navigating government bureaucracies, and identifying and building relationships with key public officials. We also frequently combine strategic planning and advocacy skills to represent our clients' interests before government bodies.

Design & Branding

We deliver exceptionally designed websites that drive brand awareness. We specialize in building scalable, search engine optimized websites that leverage our proven techniques and analytics to convert site visits into paying customers. Whether it is a responsive website or flash, we can design it, build it and create a highly functional user interface for your staff. Taking it a step further, we can implement strategies such as SEO, to optimize and increase web traffic and lead generation.

From logo design to message creation and execution, we can develop the art as well as the back end to create unique and measurable online experiences for your audience. Our in-house designers are skilled at combining artistic talent and technology to provide the best solution for your project and budget.

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